Exploring Cape Cod National Seashore by Bike

With the Cape Cod Rail Trail literally in the backyard of our Cape Cod hotel, and a fleet of Trek bikes at the ready for you to borrow, checking out Cape Cod National Seashore by bike is easily done. Here are four suggestions within a 10-mile loop. This itinerary will take you off of the bike trail and onto a few somewhat-busy roads, an important thing to keep in mind if you’re traveling with young children.


1st Stop: Salt Pond Visitor Center
South on the Rail Trail then left on Locust Road will have you at Salt Pond in less than 10 minutes. A must-see is the actual pond off the back of the center. If you’re making a day of this, exploring the Nauset Marsh Trail, which winds along Salt Pond and through the adjacent marsh, is a must. Within minutes you will have an up-close view of the iconic boathouse at the edge of the pond. In the visitor center is a museum filled with historical artifacts sourced from the seashore and a well-curated gift shop. Rangers staffing the front desk are at the ready with helpful information. From here, hop on the Nauset Bike Trail at the far end of the parking lot. 

2nd Stop: Coast Guard Beach
You won't be peddling all that long before you hit the picturesque bike bridge, the perfect place to take in the view and grab a selfie. From there, cruise up the paved trail to your left and you'll be in the parking lot of Coast Guard Beach. There is an overlook at the far end of the lot that offers an epic photo op. Beyond the actual Coast Guard building is another overlook with a view of the ocean. Feel like taking a dip? Secure your bike in one of the racks and walk down to the beach. When you're ready, head north on Ocean View Drive.

3rd Stop: Nauset Light
Perhaps the most famous lighthouse not just on Cape Cod, but on the East Coast, maybe even in the country, stands at the end of Ocean View Drive. Why, you ask? Because it is this lighthouse that is emblazoned on every bag of Cape Cod Potato Chips (which are actually made on Cape Cod). Like many Cape Cod lighthouses, Nauset Light is no longer a navigational aid, but its light still rotates 24/7. Selfie time!

4th Stop: Nauset Light Beach
You're already here, so why not check out the aptly named Nauset Light Beach? A wide path winds down to a beautiful beach. Chill for a bit; your bicycling is coming to a close. For a bonus stop swing in to see the Three Sisters, three wooden lighthouses, across the street from the beach parking area on Cable Road. Make your way back to the hotel via Cable Road to Nauset Road to Meetinghouse Road. Done!

If all this cycling has left you famished, the famed Arnold’s Lobster & Clam Bar is a mere two-minute walk from our Eastham hotel.

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