Kayaking Cape Cod in Salt or Fresh Water

Kayaking Cape Cod is a summer must do. Don't let the season slip by without paddling the salt ponds of Nauset Marsh. Or, glide through the fresh water in nearby Great Pond. Cape Cod is a kayaker's dream. And, and we've got two of the best locations just minutes from our Eastham motel. Just choose "salt or no salt" and get going.

Kayaking Cape Cod in Salt Water

Nearby Nauset Marsh is the destination for adventure. This massive saltwater marsh is full of wildlife, including seals, otters, and birds. Paddle through its streams, tidal creeks, and the lake-like Salt Pond Bay and discover one of the most diverse ecosystems in the U.S. The outstanding scenery will take your breath away. We highly recommend Great Marsh Kayak Tours. Guides can meet you there with single kayaks or a tandem. 

Kayaking Cape Cod in Fresh Water

If you prefer a salt-free paddle, cruise through the crystal-clear waters of Great Pond in Wellfleet. Super still and serene, this kettle pond is a great choice if you also desire a swim. Just kick back, soak in some sun, and dangle your feet in the cool water. Can you think of a better way to spend an afternoon?




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