Fall on Cape Cod: Fishing, Cranberries and No Crowds!

Fall on Cape Cod is an exceptional time of year. Think less crowds and more fun! The beaches are still warm and it's easier to find a spot in the sand. Plus, Eastham-area "only in Autumn" activities are not to be missed. We've listed some of our faves below.

Activities for Fall on Cape Cod

Fall Fishing. In the early fall, every Cape Cod fish species feeds furiously before the swim down to deeper waters for the winter. Called the "fall run" It is the BEST time to haul in a catch. Guests to Town Crier Motel during this time of year have a more than fair chance of catching striped bass, mackerel, bluefish, and even bluefin tuna! Giant bluefin appear off Chatham and Provincetown, feeding on huge schools of sand eels. Local charter options include Wellfeet Charters and Billings Gate Charters. Let the front desk know what fish you’re casting for and they can hook you up with the right charter.

Cranberry Harvest. Autumn sees the prime cranberry harvesting months and the best time to take a tour. Slip off to the mid-cape and explore the bogs for a day during your fall stay.

Autumn Colors Biking. As summer green gives way to fall colors, the trees along the Cape Cod Rail Trail (bike path) take on a golden glow. Autumn is the best time to peddle along, and Town Crier is located right on the trail. Plus, at Town Crier, we offer free use of Trek Bikes!

Last Weeks of Whale Season. September and early October are the last weeks of whale watching season. Don't miss this opportunity to book a tour and say goodbye to the these magical giants — until next season! 

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