Eastham Lighthouses: The Three Sisters

The Eastham lighthouses known as the three sisters sit just a 5-minute drive (or 15-minute bike ride) from our motel. Make sure and plan a tour during your visit to Town Crier. As the story below highlights, these lighthouses have been through some things!

Eastham Lighthouses: The History

Built in 1863, The Three Sisters of Nauset are a trio of historic New England lighthouses located off Eastham's Cable Road. This is the very southern tip of the Cape Cod National Seashore. Soon after their commissioning, the lights became known as “The Three Sisters.” From ships at a distance they looked like women in white dresses wearing large black hats.

Falling prey to decay and the onslaught of coastal erosion, they fell into the sea in 1890. Soon, local craftsman replaced the lights, this time on brick foundations. The new towers stood twenty-two feet tall.  An added seven feet made the "sisters" even more statuesque. All thanks to a revised lantern housing. 

According to the informative website, Cape Cod Lighthouses, "In 1911, two of The Three Sisters were decommissioned. One of them, known as the Beacon, was moved back from the shoreline and attached to the keeper’s house. It operated for some time, but ultimately, was replaced by the Nauset Light." 

The 49-foot steel tower opened in 1923 and operates to this day.

Plan your visit by visiting the National Parks Planner Website here

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